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We will continue bible study today starting from Exodus 16. We will end today at Exodus 25. Let us pray.

We will go through the summary of each chapter. Please read the chapters keeping the summary in mind. It will help you capture what the chapter is all about.

Chapter 16

The Israelites grumbled to Moses that they had no food, so each day the LORD provided quails and manna. They rested on the sabbath.

Chapter 17

The LORD told Moses to strike a rock to provide water. Amalek attacked Israel, but as Moses held up his arms Joshua's army prevailed.

Chapter 18

Mose's father-in-law Jethro came and offered sacrifices to God. He suggested that Moses appoint leaders to help him judge the people.

Chapter 19

The Israelites camped near the mountain in Sinai. The LORD spoke to Moses on the mountain and made his covenant with Israel.

Chapter 20

I am the LORD your God. Honor the LORD above everything. Keep the sabbath. Honor your parents. Don't do wrong to your neighbors.

Chapter 21

If you buy a Hebrew slave he shall go free in the seventh year. Whoever kills shall be put to death. Whoever injures shall compensate.

Chapter 22

Whoevere steals shall make restitution. If a man sleeps with a virgin he shall marry her. You shall not oppress strangers or the poor.

Chapter 23

You shall not pervert justice. Each year you shall hold feasts. My angel will lead you and I will drive enemies from the land.

Chapter 24

The people said "All that the LORD has spoken we will do", and they offered sacrifices. The LORD told Moses to stay in the mountain.

Chapter 25

Tell the Israelites to make a sanctuary for me. Make an ark with a mercy seat and two cherubim. Make a table. Then a lampstand.


1. How many years did the children of Israel eat manna? (16:35)

2. How did God solve the thirst problem? (17:1-7)

3. Who held up Moses' hands while Israel was in battle? (17:9-13)

4. Who gave Moses advice to delegate authority? (18:12-27)

5. What did God want Israel to be? (19:5-6)

6. How many of the Ten commandments deal with our relationship to other humans? (20:2-17)

7.What physical phenomena accompanied the giving of the Ten commandments? (20:8)

8. What happened to the owner of an animal that killed a person if the owner knew that the animal previously had a record of violence? (21:29)

9. What was to be done to a man who killed a thief that was breaking in? (22:2)

10. What should you do if you see your enemy's animal going astray? (23:4)

11. What was sabbath for? (23:12)

12. How many days was Moses on the mountain? (24:18)

13. Does God have form? (24:10)

14. Why did God show himself in such an awesome and powerful way? (20:20)

15. For what material was the lampstand made? (25:31)


1. 40

2. Water from a rock

3. Aaron and Hur

4. Jethro

5. Kingdom of priests and a holy nation

6. 6

7. Lightnings, thunderings and trumpet

8. He was put to death

9. Nothing

10. Return it

11. Rest

12. 40

13. Yes

14. To let the fear of Him keep them from sining

15. Gold







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