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Daily Devotional

Psalm 107:20 reads, ''He sent His word and healed them, and delivered them from all their destructions''

As we journey on in this world, we are definitely going to face obstacles in our path. Our loving father has designed a great way to help us stay on top, if you will. How do we stay on top? The pages of the word of God spells it out for us in varying ways but one of them is His mighty word.God's word is very powerful. By that it is an indication that it has the capability to get you through every obstacle when you apply it. Today let the application of the word of God be the primary focus of your life. God's word is available, and it is for us to make use of it. We need healing sometimes in a variety of areas in our lives Whatever area you need it today, God's word is available. God's word has the ability to deliver you from destruction. Today if you find yourself in a destructive path, know that there is extreme hope and it is the mighty word of God. As you read or meditate on God's word know that His word is penetrating your very being and it could make all the difference you need. Notice in this scripture, the word of God declares that He sent His word and healed and delivered, it does not say He sent it to heal or to deliver. This means that when the word of God is sent it accomplishes what it is meant to do. Take the time today to meditate on Psalm 107:20.




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