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Thank you for coming to Church. The word of God says we should not foraske the assembling of ourselves. We are united today in the Spirit of Christ. Thank you for coming. Let us begin with prayer. "Thank you Lord for your presence. We ask for the manifestation of your power during our service today. We praise and adore you today in Jesus precious name. 

We will begin today with Praise and Worship. As we come to worship today, let us prepare our hearts and worship God in Spirit and in truth. He is worthy of our Praise and Worship. He is the King of Kings, Lord of Lords, The Mighty God, worship Him now. Click the links below and let us worship Him. If you visited us last week today we are repeating our service. God Bless You as you worship Him.

It is great to worship and thank you for participating in worship and praise today. Please click on the link below for the word of God today. After preaching please come back and read my final comments and come and let us pray together.

Thank you for listening to the message

Let us pray ''Good and Gracious God, Your Son Jesus Christ invites all people all people to follow Him and become His disciples.Touch our hearts, enlighten our minds and stir our spirit. Help us daily to take our cross and follow him; by living His word and proclaiming  His Good News to those around us. May our faith in you in grow, may our hunger for the Gospel intensify, and may we be strengthened as we learn to love one another as He has loved us in Jesus name Amen''. God Bless You. See you next week.



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